EA and Visceral Games are continuing to move forward with fixing up Battlefield: Hardline after receiving plenty of user feedback. A lot of the changes – outside of the obvious fixes to things like vehicles getting jammed and stuck – almost makes the game seem like it's heading ever-so-close to being a Call of Duty clone.

Blues News caught wind of the latest changelog update that rolls out some of the major issues that Visceral Games will be addressing throughout the beta phase of the game, leading up to the game's release this fall.

So the 10 things that were addressed included a lot of practical playability mechanics. Movement was made 10% faster – and when a pistol is equipped players will move 20% faster. This was made after complaints of “sluggishness” were made prominent. So if you enjoyed moving at the speed of lightning in games like Call of Duty, be prepared for more of it in Battlefield: Hardline.

Suppression has been toned down so it's easier to shoot back while being suppressed. You know, just like in real-life.

The “Survivalist” gadget was believed to be too over-powered so it was toned down.

A bug with the stairs pulling players into the wall has been fixed, along with too much shaky cam during levolution.

Objectives are made easier to spot when they're above or below you; and players who are carrying an objective item such as a bag will be highlighted when they enter a vehicle with you.

The last three items deal with the game's use of vehicles. The first of the three is kind of cool, as the team will be adding more “special” vehicles to the maps such as the exploding fuel truck. The next thing on the list is being able to unstick vehicles that get jammed somewhere. The team is looking at doing things the Bungie way, which includes “nudging” vehicles with a melee attack. Very realistic.

The last item on the list is vehicle damage. For better or for worse, the game will have “weak spots” on the back of heavily armored vehicles to allow them to be taken down easier.

A lot of these changes feel like the sort of thing that makes Battlefield: Hardline more broadly appealing. We all remember how that turned out for Dead Space 3, right? I guess Peter Moore was right that gamers do hate change... they just hate crappy change.

The identity of the game seems like it's already heading in the direction of being lost amongst all the other fall titles. It would have been nice if the game used some form of separation in the gameplay so it wasn't just another fast-paced, modern first-person shooter where everything is easy enough so anyone can win.

Of course, the game isn't finished yet (although it's getting awfully close given the October release date is right around the corner) and Visceral Games could make enough changes to help the game not feel like a rehash, however the odds are really stacked against them.

The petition for the game to become DLC for Battlefield 4 making the round in the news only makes it worse for the team, along with some game journalists telling gamers not to buy the game. We'll just have to find out if Visceral Games can pull off an upset victory with the release of Battlefield: Hardline for the seventh and eighth gen consoles this fall.

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