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Fast cars, sunset-hued cinematography and plenty of explosions. Nope, this isn't a Michael Bay film but Visceral Games and EA sure could have fooled a lot of people with the latest trailer for the upcoming first-person shooter game. The trailer doesn't come alone as it's been revealed that the official release date for the military-police shooter is March 15th, 2015.

The trailer above was pretty freaking cool actually. It takes moments from one of the lesser-explored multiplayer modes due for release with the game. It's basically about criminals driving around, fast and furious, attempting to outrun cops in pursuit.

I'm not really sure about the specifics of the mode but there are a few things that kind of bother me about certain games that sport vehicular multiplayer combat. In the trailer we see that there's tons of bullets flying around but no bullet decals on the cars to indicate where they're being hit. It kind of breaks immersion when you have an army of police with high-powered, military-grade weaponry shooting at a car and there's just no damage showing up at all.

Also, how does it work for criminals when they get shot and killed while in the car? Like, does the driver pull over and pick up some more criminals and then keep driving? Or do they just drive until they die?

Given the way previous Battlefield games worked, is it possible to just snipe the driver dead and then bring the car to a halt? I do wonder if there will be perks to upgrade and armor-up the vehicle to help the criminals. I imagine if there's no handicap in favor of the criminals it would be pretty easy for the cops just shoot out the tires, snipe the driver and stop the pursuit early.

I do imagine that maybe the chases are setup a little like APB: Reloaded where you can't snipe the driver and you can only hurt passengers when they lean out of the window.

Now Battlefield Hardline has been receiving all kinds of hate for seeming like just another DLC add-on for Battlefield 4. It's not hard to acquiesce with those complaining that the game just seems like a $30 through $40 update to Battlefield 4.

While there are some new modes and new weapons and new vehicles... I think it's arriving at a time where it's still somewhat close to Battlefield 4 without seeming like anything more than a partial-conversion from its predecessor.
APB: Reloaded plus Payday 2 plus Battlefield 4) that seems somewhat half-cooked. This isn't to say that I wouldn't play it, because I likely would (but probably on console to avoid having to deal with Origin and only after it goes on sale). It just means that I think we've reached a point where the game feels so homogenized that it's hard for me to see this creating enough separation from the previous title to become a noteworthy entry in the franchise.

Of course, I could always be proven wrong if there's enough single-player and multiplayer content to flesh out a worthwhile replay experience. Here's also hoping that the game isn't filled to the brim with DLC. There are too many games coming out these days where half the good content is locked away in season passes and premium add-ons. A lot of the people coming out of the beta from earlier this year didn't have the best of things to say, and mostly complained that it was just Battlefield 4 with a re-skin job.

I guess we'll find out just how content-rich Battlefield Hardline is as the release date draws closer.

Need more info? Feel free to visit the official website.

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