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Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC Will Add These Weapons

Battlefield Hardline's upcoming Robbery DLC pack will give players a whole lot more equipment for committing or stopping crimes. Today Visceral Games gave a full run-down on these new additions.

Robbery, the game's second DLC pack, focuses on strengthening the Operator class. When you download the expansion, you'll have two new gadgets to unlock for that class. The CS Gas Launcher lets you toss gas grenades a great distance and suppress groups of enemies. Vehicle Passenger Healing is a new passive that lets you to essentially heal damaged cars. It's going to be very useful for either keeping your helicopter in the air or racking up points in Hotwire.

Operators will also get four new weapons. Cop characters can wield the MDC, a bullpup assault rifle with plenty of power and recoil. Criminals, meanwhile, will get two assault rifles. The first is a bullpup rifle with a "sci-fi look" that excels in medium range while the second has a 50-round drum magazine but a slow rate of fire. Operators will also be able to swap out their grenade for a throwing knife, which has a low range but is quiet and can one-shot an enemy no matter where it hits them. Something tells me the throwing knife is going to be a very loved/hated weapon.

Robbery's maps feature two never-before-seen vehicles. Each faction will have their own Pickup Trucks to quickly bring troops to the front lines. The Scout Helicopter is an unarmed chopper with doors large enough for the passengers to lay down some suppression with their own weapons.

As Robbery's name suggests, the DLC pack allows players to pull off or stop daring heists. Its new game mode, Squad Heist, puts a criminal twist on Squad Rush. Instead of blowing up three objectives, the team has to drill two vaults and then escape with the loot.

The expansion pack also adds four more maps: The Docks, Break Pointe, Museum, and Precinct 7. Presumably all of them will support Squad Heist matches. In addition to weapons and gadgets, Robbery owners can access new camos and vehicle paints.

Robbery will debut sometime in September for PC and consoles. As usual, the DLC will be available first to Battlefield Hardline Premium members.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.