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Rebellion unveiled a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming remake of Battlezone. The trailer focuses on the campaign mode and the completely overhauled cockpit that has been specifically designed to take advantage of the PlayStation VR headset.

Over on the PlayStation blog the trailer for Battlezone was released, clocking in at a minute and a half and featuring lots of first-person, 3D tank combat. Check it out below.

The gameplay trailer reveals some intense first-person combat with some explosive polygonal action and lots of laser fire and destruction. The trailer above reminds me a lot of the old Tron tank game where players would go around blasting down Recognizers through the Grid. The old Tron title utilized some unique control mechanisms back in the day, and the original Battlezone had a similar gameplay design. It's nice to see that Rebellion is returning to that design in a way but upgraded the graphics, frame-rate and gameplay to suit today's generation of gaming.

As revealed over on the official website, this new remake of Battlezone will launch first on the PlayStation VR headset on the PS4 and will then follow on Steam for PC.

On the PlayStation blog, creative director at Rebellion, Jason Kingsley, walks gamers through some of the changes and upgrades that they're making to the game to not only increase the replayability factor by infinity, but also to give the game a strong sense of immersion when playing with the PS VR headset.

For one thing they've redesigned the cockpit in the tank so that it takes full advantage of the VR capabilities for the PlayStation VR. Players can look around, activate instruments and utilize the control panel to get readings and whatnot. They also tease a DualShock4 controller in the cockpit during the trailer above.

Kingsley also talks about the campaign mode and how they're taking a completely different approach with ensuring that it's replayable and distinct. They have set mission parameters and objectives for players to complete in Battlezone's campaign, but once you complete it and attempt to play it again you'll find that the hex zones that you must visit and battle through will randomize into different areas and that the mission parameters will dynamically adapt to the changes of the grid. Essentially they have a procedurally generated campaign mode so that each and every time you play you're going to get something completely different. That's a sure way to keep gamers coming back for more.

Battlezone plans on being one of the PlayStation VR early launch titles and will thereafter release on PC. The PlayStation VR itself is actually one of the cheaper high-quality HMDs out there and will only cost $399.99 at launch this October. More news about Battlezone is expected to arrive throughout the week as Rebellion attends this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California.

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