The folks over at Queasy Games announced appearances by Deadmau5, Jim Guthrie and I Am Robot and Proud for their upcoming musical platformer, Sound Shapes, earlier this year and, this week, the team made it known that Beck would be added to that list of performers.

In Sound Shapes, the worlds have been built around musical tracks, something that’s far better shown off in the following video than described. Players will have access to the same world building toolset as the developers, meaning you’ll be able to build your own tracks and worlds, or just use those provided in the game.

Sounds Shapes team member Mathew Kumar posted earlier today on the PlayStation Blog, giving more details about the appearance of Beck’s work in the game. Beck is providing three new tracks for Sound Shapes, including Cities, Trouch the People and Spiral Staircase. The three songs will be compiled onto one “album” of levels for players to enjoy and create with.

“This album shows just how well you can build fun levels around song structures,” Kumar said. “…That’s not to say, however, that Beck sent us ‘video game music.’ One of the powerful things about Beck’s music is the variety of styles he’s comfortable working in.”

Sound Shapes will hit the PlayStation Network on Aug. 7 and, as a cross-play title, will be playable on both the PlayStation 3 and Vita consoles with a single purchase. Part of the PSN Play summer promotion, you can actually pre-order Beat Shapes beginning July 31 for $14.99 and snag a free PS3 theme, too. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll also enjoy a 20 percent discount, brining Beat Shapes down to just $11.99.

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