It may be hard to believe, but PlayStation turned 20 this week, an occasion celebrated over the weekend with two days of gaming, partying and big announcements in Las Vegas known as The PlayStation Experience. For my part, I'm taking a brief look back at the console that started it all, highlighting my favorite games from the original PlayStation console.

Born of a failed partnership between Nintendo and Sony and pitching itself as the edgy, not-so-family-friendly counterpart to the house that Mario built, the PlayStation had its work cut out for it if it wanted to become relevant in a steadily building, increasingly crowded gaming market. In order to do that, they'd need to offer up games that you couldn't get anywhere else; big games with plenty of heart and attitude.

And that's exactly what they did, eventually building up a library of titles and a suite of services that would lead to four major home consoles and a pair of handheld devices. It all started with the original PlayStation, though, which kicked things off with its fair share of amazing games. In no particular order, here are a handful of my absolute favorites.

Metal Gear Solid
For me, there's no better place to start this list off than with the game that helped define a generation and build one of the best-known franchises in gaming history, the original Metal Gear Solid. Snake's first foray into the realm of 3D adventuring was jaw-dropping for the era, featuring unprecedented enemy AI, control and player choice. It laid the foundation for an entire genre, boasting features and mechanics that are still used to this day. The over-the-top story, cast of memorable characters and an amazing score certainly didn't hurt matters, either. When it comes to console-defining games, you need look no further than Metal Gear Solid.

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