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Gamers are more curious for this year's E3 conference from Bethesda than they are excited. Last year we had Fallout 4 and Dishonored 2 coming out of the woodwork. This year it's all a mystery, but Bethesda is promising that some of these new games will be playable to the public via demos.

Game Informer did a quick report on Bethesda's plans for E3, citing that the official website outlines that they will be inviting up to 1,000 people to their live conference that takes place at 8:00pm in Los Angeles, California on June 12th. The event, called BE3, will also play host to a live band performance from a special mystery band. I have no idea who it might be and the company does a fine job of keeping all of that under wraps.

An hour into the event they plan on unveiling the band, so there's going to be what some might consider to be a mid-conference performance... unless, of course, Bethesda is planning on only having an hour long conference, at which point the band would round out the conference and wrap things up for the publisher to end the night.

The more exciting thing about the news is the fact that after the live conference wraps up, gamers will be able to play-test some of Bethesda's games. I'm curious what sort of demos they'll have on hand because the E3 event takes place after the release of DOOM this May, which is due out for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It wouldn't really make sense to have a demo for a game that's already out and about on the market.

The same thing could be said for Fallout 4. I can't see them having demos for a game that's already sold millions of copies across home consoles and PC. In Fallout 4's case, there is the possibility that the DLC might be playable in some form at the event. That might make some sense; giving gamers an opportunity to dabble in the last big expansion for the game's season pass.

The Elder Scrolls Online fits into the same category as the other two aforementioned games. There's no reason to have a demo for a game as old as that, unless it's to give gamers a chance to play-test some upcoming expansion for the MMORPG. It seems a bit unlikely, though. Also as an MMO it's hard to demo a small slice of the gameplay for people unfamiliar with the title or its expansions because where do you place them and how much do you let them play that accurately depicts the game/expansion as a must-have title?

The more likely scenario is that the demos they're referring to would be for games that have not been announced yet or games on the way, such as Dishonored 2. After being announced last year, it's completely possible that a vertical slice of the game might be present at the event to give gamers a small sampling of what's to come.

I'm sure Bethesda will hint at what else they have planned for E3 as the event draws closer. For now you can ruminate on the possibilities and eventualities that might take place at the most exciting video game trade show of the year. You can register in hopes of being one of the 1,000 to be in attendance at the event by visiting the official BE3 website.

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