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Pete Hines, vice president of marketing at Bethesda, took to Twitter to explain what's up with the Skyrim DLC for the PS3, specifically Dawnguard and why future DLC for the PS3 has already been put on hold due to the current complications with Dawnguard. Even with help from Sony, according to Hines, it's a bit troubling to get things working for the PlayStation 3.

Now Gamer picked up on the tweets from Hines who reiterates that there's nothing really new to add other than what he mentioned during PAX Prime. One user asked Hines via Twitter “is PS3 Dawnguard issue only a matter of backwards compatibility, or is potential compatibility w/future DLC an issue as well?” to which Hines responded with the following tweet, saying...
...it's a matter of how it works on its own. Other dlc does complicate things

This ties back into why Hearthfire probably won't see the light of day on the PS3 anytime soon after the PC or Xbox 360 rendition, which recently launched last week.

Destructoid had a rather funny solution for PS3 gamers, suggesting that an easy fix is simply to buy an Xbox 360, which was followed by a number of fanboy rants on why the Xbox 360 is far superior to the PS3 for playing games such as Skyrim.

Fanboy console wars aside, hopefully Bethesda can hunker down and get things in order. I can only imagine that the limitations of the current day consoles has finally caught up to some developers and finding ways to work around those limitations are probably proving to be a lot more burdensome than they thought.

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