Beyond: Two Souls Box Art Looks Like Movie Poster

Beyond: Two Souls Box Art

Sony unveiled the official box art for the PS3 exclusive Beyond: Two Souls today. The cover really spells out Quantic Dream's goal to deliver a film-like experience to gamers.

Right above the game's title are the names Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. The two Hollywood actors play the main characters of the game. Ellen Page is a girl with supernatural powers, while Dafoe plays a scientist who helps her understand these abilities.

The two actors are a pivotal part of Beyond, to be sure. It's unusual to see voice actors' names on a game cover, though. I can't remember the last time I've seen that. If Steven Spielberg can put his name on Boom Blox, though, then certainly Page and Dafoe deserve to get top billing too.

Beyond: Two Souls will launch on October 8th. It's a very competitive part of the year for game releases, full of all sorts of sequels and shooters. We'll see if these actors, coupled with Quantic Dream's reputation for innovative games, will be able to make Beyond stand out from the pack.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.