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Squad-based shooter Binary Domain has an interesting feature called the Consequence system. It's a bit of an unusual mechanic so Sega decided to release a trailer focused solely on this aspect of the game.

Each of your squadmates in Binary has a trust level that changes throughout the game. By issuing smart orders and being an encouraging leader, you'll gain their trust. However, you'll lose their respect by making bad tactical decisions or acting like a jack-ass in conversations.

Your squadmates' trust level affects their attitude toward you in dialogue and in the story. Interestingly, your relationship with squadmates carries over into combat, as well. They may refuse to follow your orders if they don't trust you, or suggest new strategies to help you out if they do.

Binary Domain is in development at the newly formed Yakuza Studio. It will arrive in February 2012 on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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