It’s a pretty decent week in the games department for PlayStation Plus as both a new PlayStation 3 title, Binary Domain, and a new Vita title Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, get added to the Instant Game Collection. The rest of this week’s pickings are slim, however, as the massive amount of discounts we’ve seen over the past couple of months is this week replaced by a single price drop.

When it comes to the discounts, keep in mind that the holidays are just around the corner, typically a big time for huge savings on digital marketplaces like the PlayStation Network. Also, can you really complain about a slow week following three straight weeks of spooktacular sales for the Halloween celebration? And then there was that sale on Vita fighting games. In short, it’s hard to complain when the harvest has been so bountiful as of late and, as I was just saying, will likely go into overdrive again in time for the holidays.

This week’s discount is for Worms 2: Armageddon, which is being marked down from $14.99 to just $4.50. A spruced up version of what I consider to be the best game in the Worms series, this particular title kept my buds and I playing until the wee hours of the morning back in college, blowing each other to smithereens with Holy Hand Grenades, flying sheep and well-placed sticks of dynamite.

As mentioned above, this week’s Instant Game Collection is receiving two entries, starting with Binary Domain for the PlayStation 3.

Binary Domain puts players in the middle of a fast-paced and intense battle for humanity in a robot-filled 2080 Tokyo,” reads this week’s Plus content announcement. “Fighting through the derelict lower levels of the city, players control an international peace-keeping squad that soon starts to question their surroundings and the choices they make.”

If you’re into robot-infused Sci-Fi where the player must constantly question their ideas of right and wrong, Binary Domain is probably worth a look-see. Also, you get it with Plus at no additional cost so, yeah, what harm is there in trying it out?

Next up is a little somethin’-somethin’ for gamers on the go as Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath joins the IGC for Vita.

The most recent entry in the Oddworld series, Stranger’s Wrath goes in a bold new direction where FPS mechanics meet third-person exploration in this tale of one reluctant hero’s quest through the weird weird west. The game plays swimmingly on the Vita, offering a great shooting experience for gamers on the go.

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