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A new TV commercial for BioShock Infinite will be airing soon. Developer Irrational Games released a still shot from the ad today to let us know what to expect.

In the picture, the Heavy Hitter is swinging his oversized fist at a more reasonably proportioned man. The man in the foreground has his back turned but it's presumably Infinite hero Booker DeWitt. The Heavy Hitter is one of the boss characters that DeWitt will face in the game.

The trailer, as it turns out, is CGI. I wonder if it's a Blur studio production? Blur previously made the first cinematic trailer for the game. They're responsible for many other awesome cinematics as well, the most recent example being that Elder Scrolls Online trailer.

Irrational didn't announce when the commercial will debut. However, Infinite is launching worldwide in two weeks so we won't have to wait very long for it.