In BioShock Infinite's campaign, players will be accompanied by a mysterious woman named Elizabeth. New gameplay footage from the game shows how Irrational Games has tried to make her feel like a life-like companion.

The footage depicts an early part of the game. Protagonist Booker DeWitt has just arrived on the floating city of Columbia. The duo is walking through an artificial beach on the outskirts of the city. It's a peaceful moment in which the player can explore and interact with other characters.

Elizabeth exhibits curiosity during this scene. She doesn't just tap her foot impatiently and ask you to hurry up. Instead, she'll wander off on her own and interact with objects in the world. For example, she sees a group of men working out with medicine balls on the beach and she tries to pick one up.

Elizabeth will play a role in later, action-packed segments of the game as well. Previous footage has shown her providing ammo to the player. She also has supernatural powers that can be of great help in battle.

BioShock Infinite will launch on March 26th.

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