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2K Games has released the first screenshots for BioShock: Industrial Revolution. Industrial is a Flash-based puzzle game that will be exclusive to pre-order customers.

In Industrial, players take on the role of a factory worker in the sky-city Columbia. They must then solve 60 puzzles. In the process, they'll find out more about the city and its two warring factions.

The gameplay screenshot in the bundle shows players editing a blueprint. The objective, apparently, is to link two cogs on opposite sides of a machine. You do so by stringing together a series of different parts.

Playing through Industrial Revolution will earn you in-game items for Infinite. According to the official FAQ, you can unlock three exclusive power-ups (Handyman Nemesis, Sugar Rush, Fleet Feet) or cash. Furthermore, the game will award you a Facebook pack that displays the faction of your choosing (Vox Populi or The Founders).

Industrial Revolution was first outed by a GameStop sign. However, they're not the only retailers offering the puzzle game. The list of participating retailers can be found at the game's official website. 2K says they have no plans to release this game or its bonus items as standalone DLC.