It seemed inevitable that BioShock Infinite would hit torrents before its release and spoiler videos would be released on YouTube. So, Irrational Games decided to beat pirates to the punch and release their own spoiler. A new video reveals the first minutes of the first-person shooter.

BioShock Infinite opens in 1912, off the coast of Maine. Booker Dewitt is being transported by via rowboat to a small island. As he looks through his personal effects, we learn that his job is to rescue a girl named Elizabeth from the sky-city of Columbia. He's then supposed to bring her to New York City. His possessions also include a key and a mysterious drawing.

In this scene, we learn an interesting detail about Booker: he used to be in the 7th Cavalry of the U.S. Army. Also, he served at Wounded Knee. During the Wounded Knee Massacre, 7th Cavalry killed roughly 150 Native Americans including women and children. Booker's got some personal demons to confront, it seems.

When Booker arrives at the island, he enters its only building: a lighthouse. Using the note in his possession, he activates the machinery inside. It seems this is no simple lighthouse: it's actually a rocket silo. The rocket pod at the top will transport him to Columbia. The video closes as the pod begins to launch.

The opening is really reminiscent of the first BioShock. In both games, the player doesn't start in the dystopia. Instead, they start out in the "real world" and then embark on a journey to Columbia/Rapture. Both games also use a lighthouse as the starting point for this journey.

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