BioWare: Mass Effect 3 DRM Isn't Annoying

If you purchase either the boxed or digital PC version of Mass Effect 3, you'll need to install EA's gaming software Origin. ME3 executive producer Casey Hudson says that this won't be as terrible as you might think it is.

"We use Origin, and it's interesting because really, it's just a way to get access to the online and digital features that, you know, generally, PC games have now. I think people are going to be fine with it," Hudson told CVG. "I think that the people who try Mass Effect 3 on Origin will realise that it's not an intrusive DRM scheme.

"It's just a way for you to sign up for the online services that you're going to get on an ongoing basis through Mass Effect 3. Just like you get with any other kind of online digital distribution, or multiplayer or whatever. It's not something that requires you to always be online - you can play Mass Effect 3 offline."

You'll obviously need to stay online to play the co-op but the campaign requires only a one-time authorization. There will be no limit to the number of times you can install the game.

It's true that the main complaint with DRM is that it makes it harder for legitimate owners of a game to play it. However, that was only part of the controversy surrounding Origin. The program apparently scans your computer. While it performs these scans for seemingly legitimate reasons (such as checking your Origin games for errors), some gamers were concerned about the possible invasion of privacy.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.