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The sad reality in all of this is that you can't just go to a company and say "Hey, what's the deal...what's the hard-honest truth of the matter?" and actually get that question asked. It's ridiculous that the big news sites out there can't just ask a question and get an honest answer, even if they try real hard, like's all shrouded in PR hyperbole we warned gamers about in top misconceptions about the gaming industry.

Anyways, BioWare's Michael Gamble, producer for the Mass Effect franchise tweeted a response to the speculative article about the Extended Ending DLC for Mass Effect 3 potentially not being free based on past EA DLC releases, the current trend of having gamers pay for endings, and the recent slip-up involving the Resurgence Pack, saying...
To set the record straight, the 320 point offer that some "news" stories are referencing was for a reinforcement pack, not resurgence.

We never considered charging for both resurgence and extended cut. Grind your axe elsewhere.

Yes, you "gotta love 'news' stories without facts" when the Mass Effect twitter clearly indicated that the "Resurgence" pack and not the "Reinforcement" pack was the one being charged for 320 MS Points, as reported and screenshotted by Kotaku, where it reads...
Please DO NOT purchase the 320 pt. 'Resurgence Pack' consumable on XBL dash. This was erronously uploaded & we are working to take it down!

What's more is that if the official Mass Effect 3 twitter wasn't proof enough, Incagaming was nice enough to grab an official screenshot from the Live Dashboard showing the actual Resurgence Pack for 320 MS Points. Check it out below.

Am I missing something?

I'm not trying to pick a bone with BioWare, of course not. But Gamble running to the aid of the EA DLC train and then making the mistake of trying to say that DLC was always supposed to be free when it clearly shows that it was not (or something somehow got screwed up in the backend, even though Microsoft really does have a strict policy on not offering free DLC) it just doesn't look good in the case of the individuals playing the defense card. The screenshot clearly says "Resurgence Pack", no? Even if it's for an entity within the DLC package "erronously" priced, it was still attached to DLC with a 320 MS Point price tag.

I'm sure the BioWare fans and EA fans have a perfectly reasonable justification for the whole thing, just like the Capcom fans running to the defense of Capcom regarding disc-locked content and the lack of an advertised feature.

So was there a lesson in all of this mess? And what did we learn here today boys and girls? Perhaps to not to get caught in a fib when defending DLC, otherwise you might end up like Capcom.

And don't forget: for any paid-for DLC that tickles your conscience in a funny way, just remember to Hold the Wallet.

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