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As BioWare prepares to make the next game in the Dragon Age series, they're hoping to get some feedback from fans of the series. They're hosting a series of weekly discussions with gamers to find out what they want to see in future DA titles.

"BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka has mentioned that we’d like to open up more in future Dragon Age titles, so now we turn to you: What kinds of things would you like to learn more about? Antivan weddings? Orlesian balls? The remnants of the Tevinter empire? Burial customs among the Chaisind?" asks a new post on the BioWare blog.

If you've got a strong opinion on the subject, head to this forum thread. BioWare employees will occasionally contribute to the discussion as well it's a good idea to check back on the thread periodically. The thread will be closed in exactly one week, and BioWare will launch another chat thread.

Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah announced in March that the developer abandoned plans for a Dragon Age 2 expansion called Exalted March. The entire team is now focused on the next game in the series. It's not clear what form the next Dragon Age will take, but there have been some rumors of multiplayer.

BioWare still seems to be trying to figure out the basic formula for the series. DA2 tried to reinvent the franchise by simplifying the combat and introducing a new art style. The result was a game with a Metacritic around 80, making it the worst-reviewed PC/console title that BioWare has shipped in quite some time. I'd imagine they'll attempt some big changes in Dragon Age 3 as well. Hopefully fans can guide them in the right direction.

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