After years of appearing on just about every platform known to man, the Bit.Trip series of games is finally making its way to Sony consoles with next week's release of Runner2 on the PlayStation 3.

Announced via the PlayStation Blog, Bit.Trip Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien is headed to the PlayStation Network on March 5.

“After all these years, we're incredibly excited to spread our wingflaps and venture from familiar realms and dive headfirst into the mysterious waters known as PSN,” said Gaijin Games Co-Founder Mike Roush. “We've long fantasized about making a PlayStation 3 game, and with Runner2, the choice to expand our development to the platform was obvious.”

No word yet on pricing, but seeing as how it's going for $14.99 on other platforms, that's probably a safe bet for the PSN price point. If you subscribe to PlayStation Plus, you can expect a 20 percent discount for the first two weeks, too. With Runner2, you can expect 100-plus levels, five boss encounters and, of course, loads of secret areas to discover.

If you'd rather do your running on the go, then you will be happy to hear that Runner2 is also coming to the PlayStation Vita, likely sometime this summer according to a comment from Roush in the PS Blog post. Also, since Gaijin will be publishing that version of the game themselves, there will not be a cross-buy option. Just something to keep in mind in case you need to pick between the two versions of the game.

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