Suda 51 is still making bizarre games because people still love to play those bizarre games. Black Knight Sword recently had its released date announced for the Xbox 360 and is scheduled to launch for the Live Arcade on December 12th. The game is truly an odd mix of both artistic originality and bloody, gory gameplay.

Grasshopper Manufacture, the same twisted minds behind games like Shadow of the Damned and Lollipop Chainsaw, has been working on BLack Knight Sword for some time and the game has finally come to a head with a legitimate release date and some strange but unique gameplay at its core.

The real catch of the game is that it takes place within a paper cut-out world where gamers are treated to an experience that looks as if they're watching a paper cutout play in real-time, but at the very same time the game lets players take full control of the interactive experience so it's like Paper Mario meets Bloodrayne. The platforming is kept rather light but the violence and sword swinging action is let loose in full force.

You can look for Black Knight Sword to launch for the Xbox Live Arcade starting December 12th, exclusively for the Xbox 360. Need more info? Head on over to the Official Website.

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