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Set within the Warhammer universe, Blood Bowl is pretty much a next-gen replacement for EA’s Sega classic, Mutant League Football. CDV recently released a new video trailer of one of the game’s teams, the Goblins.

This gory sports title is kind of intriguing. Well, apart from the fact that it’s called Blood Bowl, the premise really is setup much like Mutant League reincarnated. Players build a team composed of elves, ogres, goblins, dwarves and other creatures from within the Warhammer universe. From there, the game pits players in a battle for victory and survival.

The trailer for the Goblins team is entertaining and should get gamers adequately stoked for the game’s second quarter release on the PSP, PC, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS. Yes, the PS3 was once again snubbed of another fun-sounding game. Nice.

You can check the trailer out by visiting the Official Blood Bowl Website. We’ll continue to keep you posted on news and updates regarding Blood Bowl. But until something new surfaces, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.