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If you were all excited and prepped to play Bloodborne on the PS4 in February, 2015 you better prepare to put on your disappointment cap and realize that you'll have to postpone your excitement by one whole month.

Over on the official PlayStation blog for U.S., and U.K., gamers, it was made known that Bloodborne's previously scheduled February, 2015 release was pushed to March 24th in North America, March 25th for PAL territories, and March 27th for those in the U.K., and Ireland.

Following the limited closed-beta that saw some users getting in on the action for a bit of time, Masaaki Yamagiwa from SCE Japan Studios, pointed out on the blog post that...
“While development continues unabated, we would like our team to deliver the best possible final experience. We were gratified by the feedback and data we received from those who participated in our limited Alpha test. The extra production time will also allow us to better integrate these learnings.”

I'm not really sure why the alpha would cause a delay save for tweaking some gameplay mechanics. The limited alpha contained a small slice of gameplay that enabled players to get an idea of what some of the weapons were like and how they handled, as well as a good look at the graphics and how some of the enemy A.I., operates.

I wasn't entirely won over by Bloodborne and the 30 minutes of gameplay footage that nearly put me to sleep. The game is a little too Dark Souls-lite for my tastes. However, I'm only making this snap-judgment based on what I've seen. Is it possible that the game drastically changes in some way beyond what was showcased in the alpha? Absolutely. Is it likely that the game drastically changes in some way beyond what was showcased in the alpha? I have my doubts.

The gist of the game is that players take on the role of a mysterious stranger who shows up in a town that supposedly contains secrets to heal dire ailments. However, the stranger quickly learns that the town is ravaged by villainous and malevolent individuals out to kill, maim and destroy.

Players will have a bevy arsenal at their disposal, including a retractable cleaver (which is a pretty cool weapon, by the way), as well as swords, hammers and guns.

I like the way the game looks and I'm digging the Gothic-London aesthetic, but the gameplay just seems way too passe for my tastes. Hopefully the month-long delay will be to tweak the enemy A.I., so they're more challenging and ensure the game isn't quite so repetitive. I actually really enjoyed just watching streams and gameplay footage of Lords of the Fallen, so hopefully From Software can pull it together and churn out a quality title like their previous Souls games.

There's a bit riding on Bloodborne given the disappointing nature of Driveclub. Sony sort of needs a really good, worthwhile AAA exclusive for the PS4, and I think that's the only thing holding it back at this point. Otherwise, it definitely has all the other bases covered.