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If you're a fan of Dark Souls and you wanted a new adventure to tackle, you most likely put some time into Bloodborne. If you're not a fan of Dark Souls then it's likely you won't be a fan of Bloodborne, and the latest Honest Trailers from Smosh Games really hammers that point home.

It should go without warning that the Honest Trailer from Smosh Games is filled with a few spoilers, so watch it at your own peril.

I noticed that Smosh has been somewhat lenient on a few titles, as opposed to being pretty darn harsh on others. In the case of Bloodborne the only real criticisms were the story, the main character being infected with the disease of silence, and the collage of references to Dark Souls. The last bit – the references to Dark Souls – isn't much of a strike against the game so much as a nod to From Software's ability to transition from one popular franchise to the next while retaining a lot of the same elements that helped make the original popular in the first place.

I would have thought that they would have taken jabs at the game's limited weapon arsenal, limited combat moves and somewhat samey gameplay mechanics. The video notes that Bloodborne is one of the true eighth-gen exclusives to come along in a long while. Was there anything really "next generation" about the game, though?

When looking at a game like Batman: Arkham Knight compared to Batman: Arkham Origins or Batman: Arkham City, you can see where Rocksteady took some massive liberties in upgrading the gameplay in many ways that are surprising or unsuspecting to some gamers. The free-roaming driving with the Batmobile, the additional environmental interactions during combat, or the new vehicular battle sequences – quite a few upgrades over its predecessors.

Bloodborne is a solid game no doubt, but it seemed like Smosh waxed a lot of praise where they could have hit it more. Even From Software's Hidetaka Miyazaki mentioned that Bloodborne lacked the weapon diversity of Dark Souls. I definitely think they could have played on that aspect a bit more in the Honest Trailer. Still, Smosh did a bang-up job making a very entertaining trailer that covered most of the good, bad and quirky found within the recently released PS4 exclusive.

Bloodborne has earned a lot of positive feedback since release for its uncompromising difficulty. It's a nice throwback to the old-school of gaming where skill was rewarded and not just the persistence to get through seemingly endless and derivative QTE. Its stark, Gothic artistic design has drawn praise as well.