Most of what we’ve seen from Codemaster’s upcoming BodyCount has been exorbitantly generic. Let’s be honest: from the screenshots to the first few trailers, BodyCount looked like a mish-mash of Brink meets Haze, with nothing special about it whatsoever.

However, a new developer documentary was released detailing a lot of what you may not be expecting from BodyCount -- yes, the story is still trite and the main character is still cookie-cutter, but some of the gameplay elements are actually very unique.

As you can see, the enemy AI has a feature that has been lacking in recent games: potentially offering a challenge. AI who goes around stealing your upgrade points is refreshing…usually players are over-powered at the start of the game and just get stronger throughout. Having enemies that work against this mechanic archetype could prove to be the sort of difficulty that FPS gamers really need out of the industry.

I also like that the tacked on the “shredding” mechanic so you can basically rip through environments with projectile vengeance. I love that. So long as this isn’t just another Call of Duty point-and-click, not-quite-on-rails shooter, BodyCount might be able to carve itself out a small niche of shooter fans who are looking for something slightly different.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the Official Website. BodyCount is set for release on August 30th for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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