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Gamers still pouring time into the Xbox Live and PSN arcade title, Bomberman Live Battlefest, will be pleased to know that new DLC is on the way with extra maps and costumes. The new content contains two new outfits to customize your Bomberman with along with two brand new arenas.

The new costumes are called Firebomb and Bombzilla…if you can bother your imagination to churn up an image of what they might look like based on their names you probably wouldn’t be half wrong. The two new stages are called Asteroid and Intersection, and offer players additional fast-paced, arcade action with a hint of strategy…just the way most fans like their Bomberman games.

You can look for the new DLC to arrive on December 29th for 240 MS Points. You can check out some new images of the content below or visit the Official Website to learn more about the game.

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