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Gearbox Software has unveiled the newest character class for Borderlands 2 and his name is Krieg, he's a psycho bandit from an experiment gone wrong. He's big, he's angry and he's all roided up for some vault hunting action. The character details haven't been revealed but it's obvious melee-style players might get a kick out of playing Krieg.

IGN managed to get the exclusive reveal coming out of PAX East and it showcases a big, angry psychopathic psycho who tears into bad guys with brute strength. The character seems to have share semblance to the DC character Bane.

A short while ago it was revealed that Gearbox Software would be planning on releasing a new character alongside upping the level cap for the game. Shortly thereafter Gearbox sent out a teaser for the sixth playable character, and now they've officially confirmed who and what the sixth character is.

Krieg is not included in the Borderlands 2 season pass and will carry a $9.99 price tag or 800 MSP. His skillset is similar to that of Brick from the first Borderlands, enabling him to regain health from melee attacks and ignite enemies on fire. No release date has been set for Krieg.