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GameStop will be offering Borderlands 2 pre-order customers an exclusive DLC pack. The Creature Slaughter Dome is an arena-based challenge that offers up abundant rewards to its combatants.

Based on the trailer, the Creature Slaughter Dome looks very straightforward. You walk into the middle of a dome, pull a big switch, and then kill the horde of enemies that quickly descend on you. It's not clear whether it's something you can actually survive or whether it just keeps going until you're worm food.

Regardless, battling in the Dome will be worthwhile. Whatever experience and loot you earn in the arena will carry over to the main campaign. One piece of loot you can earn is the rocket launcher of Mad Moxxi, the Colosseum battle hostess in one of the Borderlands DLC packs.

Several retailers, including GameStop, will also give Borderlands 2 Premiere Club membership to pre-order customers. Premiere Club will provide the owner with a number of exclusive in-game items.

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