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Gearbox Software has gone to great lengths previously to demonstrate that Borderlands 2's environments will be more diverse than those in the previous game. The latest set of screenshots show that there will be a lot of variety in the characters as well.

Even if you and a friend pick the same character, you won't necessarily look the same. They can be customized with clothing, hairstyles, and tattoos. The shot of four completely different Mayas standing next to each other illustrates the point well.

The skill tree customization of the first game will make a return as well so each player will have different capabilities. Each character has three skill trees they can advance in. The Gunzerker, for example, can choose from the Gun Lust, Brawn and Rampage trees.

The screenshot pack closes with another look at that crazy girl from yesterday's trailer. She's once again blowing something up with dynamite. Adorable.

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