2K Games has released a new set of screenshots for Borderlands 2. Pick a color, any color, and you'll probably find it in these images.

Borderlands 2 returns players to the planet of Pandora from the first game. Five years have passed since the Eridian Vault was opened. A man named Handsome Jack has secured the vault's contents and used them to take over Pandora. His Hyperion Corporation forces now rule the world with an iron fist. You can see their H-shaped base up in the sky in one shot.

In order to stop Jack, players will have to traverse the planet and rescue the heroes from the first game. It seems Jack has imprisoned each in a farflung corner of the world. Players will have to brave snowfields, mountains, caves and deserts to complete their quest. The first Borderlands game featured bright, colorful graphics as well but Borderlands 2 brings the visuals to the next level through the diversity of locations. You're not going to be stuck in a desert for 10 hours.

Borderlands 2 is due in September on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Read more about the game in our E3 preview.

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