The PlayStation Plus train keeps on rolling this week, rewarding subscribers with a massive AAA game to add to their Instant Game Collection in the form of Borderlands 2, along with a whole bunch of new discounts to help keep them gaming through the holidays.

Intent on ending the year with a bang, Sony's latest offering on PlayStation Plus is one of the strongest arguments yet to go ahead and sign up for the service. Borderlands 2 is hailed by many to be one of the best games of the year. If nothing else, it's certainly one of the best cooperative shooters of all time, which is obviously saying something.

The game proper is still going for around 40 bucks at retail, meaning this single title alone is basically worth the price of admission for a $50 Plus subscription. Then you can sit back and enjoy the next 11 months and know that all of those extra games, discounts, etc. are saving you a pretty penny.

Yeah, that felt a lot like a sales pitch. But seriously, at this point, I don't understand how anyone with a Sony console can continue to stay off the Plus wagon at this point. It's easily the most bang for my buck I've ever spent in gaming, paying for itself multiple times over with hours upon hours of gaming goodness.

Now I'll step off my salesman podium and talk a little bit about what this week's Plus update has to offer, namely Borderlands 2.

A brand new group of vault hunters have made the trek to Pandora in order to find ancient treasure and stop a madman named Handsome Jack from making everybody's life a living hell. Jack's dialogue in the game is some of the funniest I've ever heard in the medium and the shooting is obscenely rewarding. Each of the four (more with DLC) playable characters offers their own unique combat skills, and you can create multiple characters and level them up individually.

Along the way, you'll meet a bizarre cast of characters, pump bullets into an untold number of alien creatures and bandits, laugh out loud at the insane turn of events and enjoy the company of about a bazillion different types of firearms, grenades and armors. No, seriously, you'll constantly be swapping out your arsenal, finding new “favorites” every 30 minutes as you uncover more and more weaponry with insane abilities and fire types.

Along with Borderlands 2, the PlayStation Network Holiday Sale continues this week, offering up discounts on a fresh batch of about a dozen games. You can grab the Tomb Raider Bundle for $13.49 with Plus, or NHL 14 for $15. And then there's Spelunky for $3.75. For a full list of this week's discounts, visit the PlayStation Blog. Otherwise, hit up the store this afternoon to see the latest Plus offerings added with the regular weekly update.

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