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Oh, and the plot thickens...some more. Desperately trying to cover hides and protect butts, Gearbox Software's president Randy Pitchford and his wife Kristy Pitchford, have tag-teamed together to battle trolls, block out negative-ninnies and textually elbow-drop the misinformed...or at least, that's probably how the duo imagines it to be.

Things have been getting radically ugly in the righteous camp of Gearbox Software. Randy Pitchford has been coming under fire lately regarding claims of money mismanagement (or rather, fraudulent use of money) for some of the projects handled by Gearbox.

A developer recently accused the development studio of using Sega's money to finance Borderlands. It's not the first time this accusation has been leveled against Pitchford, but the Pitch-man didn't stand there and take the punches crying, he decided to glue his jelly knees together and have his wife hold his hands up like an Irish boxer to keep from being pummeled into desperation by the very luridly voracious gaming community.

According to Pixelsmashers gamers have decided to do away with the “Come at me bro” attitude and play Pitchford's game of being positive while also inquiring of what really went down between a whole bunch of game studios, Sega and Aliens: Colonial Marines. They asked why Gearbox lied to Sega about how the funds were being spent on projects, and this is what Pitchford had to say...
“False by a LONG SHOT. Borderlands success actually helped to finance all other projects.” … “Some people are [also] claiming that the positive comments I replied to are from fake accounts. I feel like I just woke up in crazy town.”

Kristy actually offered some useful advice to her hubby, saying via twitter...
I am glad [Randy] is finally taking a page from my personal twitter rule book: Rule 3 - no douchebags allowed.

I guess I won't be asking Randy any questions via Twitter.

Anyway, things get ugly when people don't get answers, especially after they were misled into making a purchase based on false advertisement.

Pitchford has basically been the punching bag in this whole thing, mostly because both Gearbox and Sega have refused to comment further as to the actually dealings with Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Rumors have swirled that there could be a patch to bring the PC version of the game up to the demo's parity, where-as other rumors have stated that the Wii U version could be the definitive version of the game and is as close to the demo as you can get. However, the latter rumor was struck dead by someone who claimed to be a tester at Sega of Europe and was even verified to be who he claimed to be by several moderators at Reddit, stating that the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines is actually the worst version.

According to Neoseeker Pitchford and the gang will supposedly talk about why the final game was nothing like the E3 gameplay demo, but according to Pitchford, it's "Beyond the scope of twitter."

A few sites have been actively digging to really get to the bottom of this thing and I doubt it's going to get any better for anyone at Gearbox...especially Randy Pitchford.