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Boy Opens PS4 On Christmas, Gets Piece Of Wood With Penis Drawing Instead

Christmas wasn’t so merry for one family in Massachusetts when a youngster opened a present from Santa that he thought was a PlayStation 4. Once he excitedly tore into the box, however, the nine-year-old discovered a block of wood with a picture of male genitalia drawn on it.

The local Fox channel caught this story of a holiday gone horribly wrong for a family in Massachusetts, which originated from Kristin Lundy’s Facebook page.

According to the original story, Lundy’s kiddo tore into a Christmas morning present to discover a box for a PlayStation 4 that was apparently purchased at a Target store in Saugus. When the kid opened the box, Lundy reports that he shouted “Yes, this is the best Christmas ever,” before begging his dad to hook up the console immediately.

When the box was opened, however, the family discovered a block of wood with a bunch of screws in it, as well as a drawing of male genitalia and a message that said “From cock and balls, with love.”

Here the kids is thinking he’s going to be playing Destiny or Transformers or something, and that’s the image he was greeted by instead.

According to Lundy, her cousin discovered a similar “PlayStation 4” this holiday season, so apparently this isn’t a one-off kind of thing. As for the kid who received the gift, it was obviously pretty devastating. Here's how Lundy put it...

This has ruined his belief in Santa.

Thankfully, despite the kids’ belief in Santa being shaken, the story has a decent ending. The Target in question replaced the block of wood with a new console that included Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, as well a $100 gift card to the store. Hopefully those extra games will help smooth over some of the dismay the kid felt this Christmas. Talking to Fox, Lundy reported that he had retreated to the playroom and was crying, not wanting to be bothered by anyone.

The question still remains: How did this happen? A returned console is inspected and the barcode scanned, so if someone “returned” their PS4 with the fake console in the box, it should have been caught. There’s also the possibility that this was orchestrated by an employee or even someone where the consoles are packaged or shipped, but no leads have been discovered so far.

Honestly, I can’t imagine what would make someone do something like this. Maybe they weren’t planning on ruining a child’s Christmas, but they had to know that something like this could be a potential outcome. Here’s hoping that Lundy, and, apparently, her cousin, were the only ones affected by this nonsense.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.