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Shooter games have become increasingly stale over the years with the exception of a few titles, but Bethesda is hoping to reignite a little spark in the genre with the creatively futuristic title, Brink. At this year’s GDC a new cinematic trailer was released for the game and it gives a rundown of just about everything gamers can do in the actual game. Did I happen to mention that this trailer is in easy contention for being one of the year’s coolest trailers?

Brink is part RPG and all shooter. Much like Dice’s vertically innovative parkour shooter, Mirror’s Edge, Brink also sports the option to go up and over or down and under using simple button presses. Players can scale environments, slide and shoot or utilize class-based skills to perform a number of other actions, much of which is shown off in the new trailer.

You can check out the cinematic spot below, which actually looks very similar to the actual in-game play. For more information be sure to visit the Official Website.