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CB Games Investigates: Will There Be A PS3 Price Drop?

This morning I was extremely excited to hear that there were rather well founded rumors floationg around that Sony would, in fact, be cutting the price tag on the PS3 by one hundred dollars within the next 7-10 days. I even starting nosing through some of my own financial documents to see if I would finally have the spare cash to grab one.

The evidence was pretty solid. A Circuit City add had showed up in a few inboxes stating that the console would be sold for $499 (not the 20gig either) starting July 15th. However, just recently Sony President Ryoji Chubachi told a gaggle of reporters that Sony currently has “no plans” for a PS3 price cut.

Speaking to Reuters, Chubachi said, “At present we have no plans [to lower the price point of PS3].”

I had just received a check for some freelance work I just finished up, when I first heard the news and I was immediately sure where that money was going. I’m positive there were a lot of other people out there who were finally going to take the plunge. Why won’t you just let your product succeed Sony? Why?!

This isn’t being treated by many as a definitive statement though. Even though he out-right says that there will be no price cut, it is widely predicted that there is a price cut planned. The assumption is being made that Sony’s chain of command is so badly confused that they simply don’t know what is happening anymore. But we here at CB Games will make a startling prediction regarding this price cut...but just not right now. Still, make sure you stay tuned in for more information regarding this [more or less] breaking news.