Can't get enough of Arrow or...that other show that comes on The CW? Well now you can dive right in to your favorite television programming from the comfort of you Xbox 360 as the brand-spanking-new CW App receives an official launch.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Xbox 360 is once again about to completely change the way you play video games, by which I mean give you a bunch of stuff to do instead of playing video games. With apps for Flixster, CNET, Revision3 and about a billion other streaming services already available on you 360, The CW app becomes the latest in a long line of non-game-related services for gamers to dive into when they're tired of shooting aliens in the face.

Announced through the Major Nelson blog, the CW app will connect 360 owners with “your favorite CW shows, from full episodes to previews and interviews.” It's a nice surprise, then, that episodes will be available the day after they launch and at no additional charge to those who already have an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

The app will also utilize the recently launched SmartGlass technology, giving viewers a second screen experience for the show The Vampire Diaries, including a map that follows the characters through town, biographies and legends/lore of New Orleans.

So, there you have it. You're set for non-gaming entertainment on your Xbox 360. Now, if only there was a way you could order a pie from Pizza Hut without having to turn off your Xbox, you'd be set.

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