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The opening segment of the latest story trailer for the campaign mode of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare focuses on those who control through power and the amount of power that determines their control. The villain of the game is made readily clear as the trailer progresses and we begin to see how Kevin Spacey's character is basking in all the power that he could possibly want (and like any good villain, the trailer hints at him wanting more) and how the company he runs could ultimately corrupt the world he was paid to protect.

The trailer is a much softer look at Advanced Warfare's string-along story. The E3 gameplay demo was a lot more hard-hitting and focused on some of the horrors of war, despite all the fancy and over-the-top special effects littered throughout impossibly complex set pieces that you would only find in a Hollywood movie.

For those that missed the E3 demo, it basically consisted of the player running and gunning through a typical war-torn level while explosions littered the backdrop. Eventually the player and their squad had to rig an aerial craft to blow, but one of the teammates got stuck in the door of the shuttle and ended up being air-lifted into the sky along with the craft, resulting in him and the shuttle being blown to bits.

The explosion from the craft caused some pretty devastating aftermath that saw shrapnel flying everywhere. One of the pieces found itself lodged into the chest of the player, but not before slicing through the left arm of the player character, leaving it severed and bloody in a heap of destruction amongst charred ruins and flaming debris. The scene faded with the player being dragged away from the rubble, leaving the bloody, severed arm behind while sad music played. Activision and Sledgehammer apparently wanted gamers to know that that was the kind of thing they were being prepped to expect from this year's upcoming title.

The story trailer at the top of the article is a lot more tame and focused on the aftermath of a private military corporation gaining insurmountable control of the world's militarized affairs through hints at a bidding system of sorts. While the story trailer lets us know that Atlas is in control of the most prominent military forces on the planet (or at least, that's what's hinted at) what we don't know is if there are other groups actively fighting for equal amounts of control. It would seem like there would be multiple factions all gunning for the highest bid to fight proxy wars against other military corporations in an attempt to offer stability and civility for various regions, similar to the various militarized gun manufacturers in Borderlands.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is due for release on November 4th for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. For more info feel free to visit the official website.
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