Activision released a postcard from "Nuketown 2025" today. "Nuketown 2025," an updated version of the popular Call of Duty: Black Ops map, will be appearing in Black Ops 2 this fall.

The original "Nuketown" was a mock suburban town constructed as a target for nuclear bomb testing. At the end of each match, the idyllic suburb was blown up by a nuke. That basic premise probably won't change for "Nuketown 2025," even if the visuals and map layout are different.

The postcard suggests that "Nuketown 2025" isn't a realistic version of the future. Instead, it resembles the 1950's with a sci-fi twist. Kind of reminds me of Fallout's look.

"Nuketown 2025" will be included with pre-orders of Black Ops 2. It's also included with the collector's editions of the game.

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