I was pretty sure we had already covered this news here at Gaming Blend, but I was wrong, this DLC just looks like the 100 other DLC news announcements for a game that's pretty much a cartoon of milk with a bunch of dollar bills inside. Anyway, Activision revealed the release date for the gamers they feel are slow for not buying an Xbox 360 and have cemented a February 28th release date for the DLC.

As mentioned in the press release...
Zombies fans get a terrifying double-dose of undead action in Revolution. First,the new map, “Die Rise,” drops players inside a maze of crumbling skyscrapers amidst a ravaged Chinese city, where all-new Wonder Weaponry will play a crucial role as they make a valiant stand against the impending zombie hoard. Additionally, Revolution’s new Zombies mode, “Turned,” flips this new fan-favorite mode around, allowing players to become the undead and play as a zombie, offering an entirely new style of bragging rights.

Now that that's out of the way: the DLC contains four maps for $14.95. That's a rip-off for as far as I'm concerned. You do better getting an AAA game during a Steam sale for that price, especially if you're a PC gamer. If you're a PS3 gamer, you do better getting PS Plus and getting some cool free games throughout the month. But hey, some people like to feed the devil you know, because he has to eat, too.

If you're not fond of putting $14.95 into the coffers of Activision, you can alternatively put $49.95 into their coffers for a season pass, which may or may not guarantee you all the upcoming DLC you want.

You can grab the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC for PS3 or PC later this month on February 28th because Microsoft paid Activision more money to get the DLC early for the Xbox 360 and there's a clause that says that it's okay for Microsoft to do it but they can deny software certification if an Xbox 360 game doesn't share the same kind of parity as its multi-platform counterparts. So, expect more of the same from future Call of Duty games on the next-gen Xbox as well.

For more information feel free to visit the Official Call of Duty Website.

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