Treyarch has released a new set of screenshots from Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. The entire batch is focused on the competitive multiplayer modes in the near-future shooter.

A couple of the shots show off the cutting-edge scopes that players will have at their disposal. They don't just look cool, though. They actually enable players to see enemies through walls. The scope's effect is very subtle - enemies seen through walls are shown with a smokey silhouette - but it's enough to give you a warning of a hidden foe.

Several other futuristic gizmos are seeded throughout the images. Players will be able to set up microwave turrets that distract their enemies with a blast of heat. They can also deploy aerial or ground drones to assist in firefights. If you're really kicking ass in a match, you can call in a tilt-rotor aircraft to mop up the opposition.

The futuristic angle is getting me rather excited about Black Ops 2. More excited than I'd normally be about another COD sequel, anyway. All these new items should ensure that multiplayer matches won't play out the exact same way that they did in other games.

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