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The popular zombie co-op mode from Call of Duty: Black Ops will be returning for the sequel. However, Treyarch will also be adding competitive zombie modes to the mix as well.

The typical zombie mode tasked four players with surviving a zombie onslaught. Treyarch's Daniel Suarez told BebopVox (video below) that there will be a zombie survival mode in which two teams of four players try to outlast each other. It's not clear whether these teams will be able to hurt each other, but I sure hope so.

Black Ops 2 may also feature other competitive zombie challenges. For example, the two competing teams may have to complete objectives while fending off the undead. Or they could compete to kill the most zombies. They have a lot of different directions they could go in with this premise, really.

The idea of fighting humans and zombies at the same time should appeal to any Walking Dead fan. Zombies are a daunting opponent but fellow humans willing to do anything to survive can be just as dangerous. Will you act like Shane or Rick in the online zombie apocalypse?

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