Activision and Treyarch released a full gameplay video for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on the PS4. The video covers a lot of the game's new cyber-skill systems and the four-player cooperative gameplay.

The trailer was posted on the official Call of Duty channel and features more than 13 minutes of gameplay.

So as you can see there are different categories of skills for different purposes in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

For instance, there are new cybernetic skills such as those designed to incapacitate or disable, including things like System Paralysis, which disables robots and turrets for a brief period of time. Protocol Override allows players to switch robots to ally on your side for a brief period of time. Servo Shortout allows players to incapacitate enemies by shorting out the servos in the leg joints of a robot. Remote Hijack allows players to take control of an enemy robotic vehicle and pilot it remotely. Surge allows you to target a robot and force it to run into a crowd and explode, turning it into a suicide bomber. Augmentation allows players to target an enemy and force the exo-suit to attack its user.

There are more dangerous skills, such as Immolation, which causes a robot to burst into flames and set off the explosives on an enemy. Sensory Overlord will blind and deafen human combatants for a short time. Firefly Swarm, which we've seen in the previous trailers, which send a swarm of nano bugs after enemies to blind and distract them. Sonic Anti-Personnel can incapacitate enemies with a sonic wave weapon.

Some of the skills in Black Ops 3 seem like they're a little over-powered and that players have too many at their disposal. It's like Adam Jensen from Deus Ex amped up to 11 and on some cyber-roids or something. Taking control of androids, disabling robots, blinding humans – it just seems that each player has a whole lot of powers to give them massive advantages over the enemy. However, if players are always going to be vastly outnumbered, as showcased in the video above, then it would make sense that they would have those kind of abilities at their disposal.

Also, Black Ops 3 has the kind of campaign mode I would have expected from Battlefield. The destructible environments, constant explosions, the screen littered with gunfire, smoke, debris and carnage – it's a recipe for what I would have expected from a Battlefield title but it's available in a Call of Duty game.

It's interesting reading some of the comments because many people seem to have mixed reactions about the game. Some are loving the larger open levels while some feel it strips away from the linear blockbuster elements that Call of Duty campaign modes have been known for. Some people love the futuristic gear and abilities while others feel as if Call of Duty should get back to being about “boots on the ground”.

You can't win them all.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is due for release on November 6th, 2015 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC.

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