Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be launching worldwide on November 13th. On that same day, Call of Duty Elite will begin to air a new season of exclusive content for its members.

The programming for Elite is dubbed "Call of Duty Elite TV." It includes developer tips and strategy tutorials. Other community content is also promised. Activision previously announced that players will be able to watch streaming gameplay footage through Elite.

Call of Duty Elite, which debuted with Modern Warfare 3 last year, acts as a hub for all things COD. Players will be able to check their statistics, customize multiplayer loadouts and interact with their clan. When Black Ops 2 goes live, zombie co-op stats will be introduced to the service.

There is no premium version of Elite this time around. The features will be free to all players. Downloadable content, once a perk of premium membership, will now be sold as individual packs and as part of a Season Pass.

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