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Yes, you can play the dog, Riley. He's not just a prop and not just some call-in to kill bad guys in slow motion while you do what you do in a typical Call of Duty game. The video follows on the near-six minute underwater footage Activision released earlier, and this time the promo shows players being forced to take control of Riley at certain points and having the ability to bite off heads and do some stealthy stuff while in control of the inevitably red-shirted dog.

Riley was specifically written by top talent in Hollywood. Activision wanted an award worthy performance from their quadrupedal superstar. They also wanted to bring a lovable, believable dog to life so that when they finally kill him off in the story -- while he's trying to save someone or when the player gets captured -- it feels that much more immersive and possibly even puts the dog actor in the running for a GOTY award for best supporting character. This will really bring video games up a notch in the world of art critics.

The team has also taken great care to promise that the dog behavior is top notch and you get full K9 capabilities in 60 smooth-as-butter frames per second. This ensures us that every bite, every grab and every forced segment where you have to trot through a linear level to kill guys with Riley, it feels as authentic as a corridor shooter could possibly allow.

If you enjoy biting people with dogs, running through scripted sequences that barely require any button presses on your behalf, and watching amazing special effects take place in what's essentially a 3D environment of Hollywood explosion culture, then you'll love Call of Duty: Ghosts. Oh yeah, and it has a dog with a personality so that when he eventually dies, you'll really care...and maybe even cry, or at least tell people how much he meant to you in the comment section of the YouTube video that has Riley's death.

After reading the press release and watching the full reveal, one user was actually quoted as saying...
My brain can't process this much bullshit at once.

It looks like plenty of gamers are extremely excited about Call of Duty: Ghosts.

You can learn more about Ghost Dog: Death of Man's Best Friend, by paying a visit to the game's official website.

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