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Today marks the beginning of Call of Duty XP, a convention devoted to all things Call of Duty. While attendees get a chance to try out Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer, those of us at home will have to be content with the first multiplayer trailer.

The trailer is over three minutes of multiplayer carnage. It shows some of the killstreak awards that you'll be able to unleash on enemies. Old favorites like bomber runs, attack helicopters, and turrets will make a return. At least a couple new killstreaks are also shown: a robot with treads and mounted machine guns and an explosive decoy. The latter is a box that looks like a care package but apparently blows up in the face of whoever opens it.

Spotting the new weapons was trickier. I'm not knowledgeable enough about firearms to identify them just by sight. Maybe you'll have better luck. The M4, ACR, and Dragunov are among the guns returning in this game.

Modern Warfare 3 will launch worldwide on November 8th.