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Capcom Joins Epic-Scents To Bring The Scent Of Their Franchises To Life

Have you ever wondered what Mega-Man's blue armor smells like? Have you ever questioned what sort of scent Chris Redfield puts off during the heat of a zombie battle? In fact, have you ever wondered what a zombie smells like? Well, Capcom is joining Epic-Scents, a fragrance company, to bring some of those scents to life.

The news comes courtesy of Market Watch, who details the project, which includes Epic-Scents releasing new scents of popular Capcom characters starting this fall, according to project director Jim Kavanaugh. The exact details on who gets a scent packet and when they'll become available (outside of the generic fall, 2012 window) are still closely guarded at the chest by Epic-Scents, but I imagine more details will emerge shortly.

All right, so Mega-Man and Proto-Man are out of the way. Who else do you expect to see grace a pack of Epic-Scents? I'm hoping for the Ustanak, Nemesis and maybe one of those tenctacle-headed Las Plagas. I mean, wouldn't you would that scent filling up your car? Mmmm, the sweet smell of a rotting, bulbous-fleshed, tentacle-headed zombie. I'm sure that'll really get people in the mood to appreciate the atmosphere.

I'm betting next up, though will be M. Bison and Ryu, the smell of dictatorship and sweaty feet. Mmm-boy.

I wonder if Epic-Scents will have any of Capcom's more obscure characters and franchises? I'm betting a lot of guys would pick up a P.N. 03 scent pack or maybe a pack of that elf girl from Dungeons & Dragon? Or heck, a scent pack of that burning town from D& that would be epic. Someone steps inside your place and it smells like a burning village.

You can look for the Epic-Scent packs this fall and you can learn more about the company at their Official Website. Alternatively, you can visit the Official Capcom Website to, you know, learn more about Capcom.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.