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While Capcom has received tons of flak from the community about one rehash after another (i.e., Street Fighter mostly), they do manage to stay relevant in a positive light with a few new IPs every once in a while, including the radically over-the-top, planet-busting shooter Lost Planet, or the open-world RPG Monster Hunter. The company’s newest franchise is called Asura’s Wrath and it’s a lot unlike anything else on the market right now.

Capcom unveiled that the highly original, mythological, fighting, beat-e’m-up title will have more than just one playable character and they revealed just who the other playable protagonist is, along with a few new screenshots.

Aside from playing as the angry-as-a-14-year-old-who-can’t-play-Call-of-Duty Asura, players will also be in control of his main rival brother-in-law, Yasha. The character is slightly complex, as Asura’s wife was murdered under the command of Emperor Strada and while Yasha blames Asura for the death of his sister, he also has to settle a feud with the Emperor. I’m sensing that the story has potential for character complexities and depth…I’m just hoping Capcom doesn’t screw it up.

You can check out the new screenshots for Yasha below, as Asura’s Wrath gears up for an early 2012 release on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Need more info? Feel free to head on over to the Official Capcom Website.