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Sega is digging deep into their archive of popular but forgotten titles and giving them a nice dust-off, a bit of an HD makeover and some nice current-gen technological polishing and re-releasing them. One such game getting said treatment is the platforming title for the Genesis, Castle of Illusion.

The original game saw Mickey Mouse venturing through various levels leading up to face down with a wicked witch. The game was extremely hard, although that was just kind of the way games were designed back in the day. I'm curious if Sega will keep the difficulty the same or if they're going to tone it all down for the kiddies?

Anyway, there isn't a lot of information available for the remake...actually, other than that teaser trailer above there isn't any information on the game at all. I'm going to go ahead and assume it will still be a side-scroller just made in 3D? Given the flop of Disney's Epic Mickey 2, there's really no telling how much effort they'll actually put into the project.

One of the things I'm really hoping for is a proper recreation of the original game's aesthetic. I really loved the look, the feel and the music for original Castle of Illusion, especially the level when first facing off against the toy soldiers in the building blocks stage.

Anyway, you can look for Castle of Illusion HD to arrive for home consoles this summer. Expect more media info on the title soon or visit Sega's website to stay keyed in on news and info.