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What happened to trailers like this? Where'd they go? It feels like every other game out there is trying to sell us something from start to finish: explosions, DLC, pre-order bonuses and subscriptions (though to be fair, even this trailer tries to peddle some pre-order crap at the end). But what happened to genuinely good trailers where the company just wants people to be interested in the game because it has something to say, it has a story to tell, it has gameplay that it wants you to become immersed in? What happened to those trailers?

Thankfully, Konami isn't one of the top-tier publishers lost to the art of catering to their fanbase; they seem to understand that allowing developers room to breathe their creative intuition affords for the freedom of amazing works of art, such as the potential showstopper and key-in for sleeper hit status, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

I haven't had proper time to get in play time with the original, but it was one of those games that I followed and delved into whenever new media became present. It was a game with such a deep-rooted art-style and a story that was well rooted in the mythos of Dracula that it was hard not to be enticed by any trailer or screenshot that Konami let loose upon the public.

The second game continues the dire unraveling of Gabriel Belmont's descent from madness and desperation into hatred and vengeance. MercurySteam begins to bridge how this retelling of the classic Castlevania tale eases into the lore that many gamers are familiar with today. We learn how Alucard becomes Dracula's arch rival, we learn how Dracule embraces enmity with the knights Templar and all that they deem holy and righteous, as well as a buildup that seems like it could make for an awesome trilogy.

The only problem is that MecurySteam is done with the Lords of Shadow series after this latest game launches early next year for the old and decrepit current-gen consoles. Bummer. It's a sad thing indeed, especially considering that MecurySteam did right by Castlevania opposite of what Capcom and Ninja Theory did with Devil May Cry (RIP Dante).

The only thing is, we haven't seen a whole lot of gameplay of Lords of Shadow 2; in fact, we haven't seen anything near as much as what we saw by this time in the hype-cycle for the original Lords of Shadow. Still this promotional video from Konami kind of more than makes up for it, and added to this the entire story premise and concept is righteously awesome.

As showcased in the promo video above, you can pre-order Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 right now for either the Xbox 360 or PS3. The game will also launch for the PC as well. You can learn more by paying a kind visit to the game's official website. Sadly, no announcement for a Wii U version.

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