The talking geological structure, The Cave, has returned, intent on being a good host by introducing the second and final batch of characters players will take control of when Double Fine’s new game hits virtual markets early next year.

The cave is a side-scrolling platformer that looks to offer loads of devious puzzles, dark humor and more than a few ways to claim the lives of our intrepid heroes. The previous character trailer showed off The Hillbilly, The Monk, the Scientist and The Twins. This latest offering has a repeat appearance by The Twins, as well as newcomers The Adventurer, The Knight and The Time Traveler.

Here’s a taste of what lies in store for our bizarre gang of explorers once they step into The Cave.

It looks like the Cave itself actually changes depending on which character is doing the exploring, offering a completely different story, aesthetic and set of challenges depending on who happens to be braving its depts. The Adventurer, with whip in hand, of course, looks to be exploring an ancient tomb and The Knight’s quest looks to take him into a subterranean castle occupied by royalty and dragons alike. Part of The Time Traveler’s journey looks to take place in a high-tech facility while The Twins frequently find themselves terrorizing a giant, old, creepy house.

It’s all pretty mysterious, really, which makes me want to play The Cave even more. Thankfully, the wait won’t be long. Look for Double Fine’s latest to hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC in January.

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