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Classic Handheld Gaming Commercial Compilation

Want to see how old-school handheld gaming used to be? Want to rekindle some memories from gaming's long lost past? Want to cringe at horrible video game icons like Mr. Arcade or see the very first iteration of the dual-screen? Well, then you came to the right place. has up the new compilation video via YouTube, which goes through the generational leaps of handheld gaming starting with Tomy's Blip, a worthless looking game that's like Pong except without any skills required to play. This leads up through the Coleco age, the first iteration of the dual-screen handheld which was surprisingly well designed for its time, as well as that awful Tiger era of games which was the poor man's version of the Gameboy. I was suprisingly impressed with Tiger's Gamecom, though, seemed a little bit before its time.

You can check out each era of handheld gaming in the classic commercials below. It's definitely well worth a look. I remember a lot of those commercials from way back when and not only did they make me cringe back when I first seen them they still make me cringe today...except for the Sega commercials, those were always awesome with the "Sega does, Ninten-Don't". Those were awesome.

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Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.